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Acupuncture is among the world’s oldest medical practices, and has existed for more than 5000 years. By inserting fine, sterile needles into carefully chosen points in the body, blood circulation is normalized and nerve conduction is improved, allowing the body to return to homeostasis, or its optimal, balanced state. The Chinese understood this as balancing Yin and Yang, and regulating the flow of Qi; these are the paramount concepts at work in the complex practice of Chinese Medicine.


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Chinese herbs are often prescribed in conjunction with Acupuncture to address infection, immune deficiency, hormonal imbalance, sleep-related issues and more. Depending upon your condition, Chinese herbs may be considered to be the most important modality employed by the doctor of Chinese medicine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the benefits of Chinese medicine by calling it “The Global Medicine of the 21st Century”, and the USNational Institutes of Health (NIH) have endorsed the practice of Acupuncture for a wide variety of health concerns and conditions. Modern scientific research has consistently shown that Chinese medicine, while ancient, is a valid, safe and powerful form of medicine for modern ailments.

This is a publication regarding Acupuncture and Chinese medicine published by the State of California.


ACUPUNCTURE: The insertion of very thin sterile needles into points along the meridians of the body in order to balance Yin and Yang, as well as to regulate the flow of Qi and Blood.

: The prescription and use of Chinese herbs in the form of powders, capsules or teas, in order to treat a variety of health conditions. All formulas are custom-written to effectively treat your individual health concerns. Plant-based medicines have proven over time to be safe, potent, bio-available and highly effective.

CUPPING: Cupping utilizes small glass bowls with gentle to moderate suction, in order to draw stagnant blood from inflamed tissues to the surface of the body. This enables fresh blood flow to enter the affected area, facilitating pain relief and healing. A highly effective modality in the treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain.

MOXIBUSTION: The burning of the herb Artemesia vulgaris above or on an acupuncture point or meridian, in order to ‘warm’ the area being treated. Frequently used in the treatment of chronic arthritis and digestive weakness.

Understanding that health imbalances are often rooted in diet and lifestyle, the proper foods to eat and techniques for coping with daily life are discussed in detail. These include exercise, meditation, stress management, home-based physical therapy, and personal development.

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